Food Memories and Cooks…

Honouring Mothers – a contest for Mother’s Day!

A Grandmother. c, 1945

It is just over a month since I launched ” My Mother’s Cookbook” and I am thrilled to say it is a success. Over 6000 visit and over 9000 views. It is all due to you, the folks who have read, liked, commented and re-shared my posts who deserve credit, and I thank you.

Over the course of the last month, I have been reminded of the strong relationship between food and memory, Cooks and memory. The links between food and the person who lovingly prepared it for us, are strong and evocative. Eating food particularly associated with a beloved person can help access long forgotten memories of that person, events and feelings.

Evelyn Walls Lyons and Dorothy Walls Morehouse c. 1950

Biting in to a homemade sugar cookie immediately takes me back to my Aunt Dot’s kitchen, the smell of baking tinged with the clean natural smell of a farm kitchen. I can see her kind face smiling at Uncle Charlie as he teased her. It all comes back, the emotion, the taste, the love. Food helps trigger memory because food engages all of our senses, smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing (Yep, food makes noise, trying telling a cat the can opener is not dinner).

So with Mother’s day coming up and by way of thank you, I thought others might enjoy sharing their memories and seeing their loved Mother/Grandmother or Motherly other, featured in My Mother’s Cookbooks!

The winner of this contest will have their Mother/ Cook memory featured in a blog post on My Mother’s Cookbooks website for Mother’s Day 9 May 2021.

How to enter:

  1. Share your Cook/food memory (privacy considerations limit the blog to deceased persons) in the comments section of this post, including your desire to have it prepared into a blog post and willingness to supply supporting information, i.e. photos. Recipes are NOT required.
  2. Follow this blog by clicking on the follow tab, and leave your email address.
  3. Share this post on your social media feed.

Contest opens immediately and will run until midnight 1 May 2021. Contest winner announced Monday May 3rd. 2021.

Contest conditions:

  1. This contest has no cash value.
  2. Ownership and copyright to Blog posts and materials are solely that of My Mother’s Cookbooks.
  3. Blog post will be published on Saturday 8 May 2021, and will remain active for at least 7 days.


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