If you can’t stand the heat…use the summer kitchen?

I grew up in five different houses… the first my Dad started after my parents married using his army severance pay. The house was modest and very much a house of it’s time, it remained a work in progress until Dad decided to enter ministry. Dad’s decision would take us to a series of largeContinue reading “If you can’t stand the heat…use the summer kitchen?”

Miner’s Wives and Mothers…

There are a number of recipes in My Mother’s Cookbooks which are traditionally associated with mining and mining communities…Welsh cakes, Cornish pasties, Welsh pasties, hand pies, etc. Canadian mining communities which thrived during the early 1900’s and even during the depression, attracted skilled workers and labourers from Europe and beyond. A ready supply, miners fromContinue reading “Miner’s Wives and Mothers…”

Elsie’s ‘Washday’ Pudding

One of the recipes in the My Mother’s Cookbook collection is named “Elsie’s Washday Pudding”. That her sister Elsie had a favourite recipe for wash days while Mum did not, is entirely understandable. Until the Victorian period (1837-1901) the washing of clothing (and bodies) was infrequent and a luxury limited to those who could affordContinue reading “Elsie’s ‘Washday’ Pudding”