Buckwheat and River Rocks

My Dad had few memories of his mother and two of them involved food. The first was her sending him to the river to collect river rocks to place in the barrel of buckwheat flour to keep it from spoiling. His second memory was the taste of her Buckwheat cake. I make no claim aboutContinue reading “Buckwheat and River Rocks”

Kindness with a side of German Apple Cake…

Most of My Mother’s cookbook recipes are handwritten, a distinct few are typewritten in a cursive font. I have never seen this contributor’s handwriting, the cursive typewritten “Gussie” was her only signature. Augusta C. Deuchler Mills was a typist. The 1925 census of Staten Island New York reveals Gussie’s career as a typist began early,Continue reading “Kindness with a side of German Apple Cake…”

A My Mother’s Cookbooks Holiday Recipe…

One a penny, two a penny, HOT CROSS BUNS When it came to holidays, My Mum excelled at using food to engender celebration and tradition. At Easter that meant hot cross buns, but only at Easter. At other holidays, there were special foods, lots of holiday Christmas and Thanksgiving foods but hot cross buns wereContinue reading “A My Mother’s Cookbooks Holiday Recipe…”

That’s Gaelic not garlic

Of course a few of the recipes in my Mother’s collection are some I supplied her. One of those recipes is for traditional (Cape Breton) Oat Cakes, which comes from my husband Ray’s family. Although my Mother’s family(Walls line) were Scottish, the Orkney Islands and Inverness shire, my husband’s family (Morrison/McDougall line) are highland Gaels.Continue reading “That’s Gaelic not garlic”